Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of ‘deception’ and supporting terrorism

The Saudi mission to the UN accused Iran of “deception” and of “supporting terrorism and threatening stability in the region.”

In a letter to the UN secretary general and to the president of the UN Security Council, the mission said Iran violated international law through its practices and caused war crimes and crimes against humanity.
It added that Iranian armed militias continue to threaten stability in the region and peace in the world noting that the Iranian regime does not hide its support of terrorism.

The letter described the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a tool that exports extremist Iranian ideology and spreads terrorism in the world by supporting extremist militias with arms, money and people, such as the case with the Hezbollah terrorist organization and the sectarian militias in Iraq.

Iran was also accused of continuing to support Houthis in Yemen for the purpose of occupying the country and threatening neighboring Saudi Arabia’s security.

The Saudi letter came in response to an Iranian letter to the UN Security Council which Iran sent following the Saudi deputy crown prince’s statements on Iran’s sectarian meddling the region.